Laundry Room Organization in Pensacola

Laundry doesn’t have to be a chore! Our helpful tips and smart collection of laundry essentials will help you put a new spin on laundry organization.

Sorting saves time >>

Sorting your laundry by whites, brights, darks or dry cleaning as soon as you undress will help you save time when doing laundry. Choose a laundry hamper with compartments to do the job. If you have a small laundry room, hang laundry bags from a rod above the washer and dryer to aid in sorting. You won’t have to dump the contents of a large hamper to find whites when laundry day arrives, it’s already sorted for you! Get the kids involved in sorting their own laundry and you’ll save even more time!

Get the hang of it >>

When laundering items that tend to get wrinkled, put them on hangers as soon as possible to reduce wrinkling and save time when ironing. Incorporate a closet rod into your laundry room plan with elfa, or you can opt for a freestanding garment rack to hang freshly pressed or straight-out-of-the-dryer garments. Use different colored hangers for each member of the family, so it’s easy to know where to return clothing once dry!

Protect delicates >>

You can prevent damage to delicate items such as undergarments by taking special care when laundering. Set up a special container to keep delicates separate from the rest of the laundry. When it’s time to wash them, place them in a fine washables bag. Be sure to include a place to dry delicates when planning your laundry room.

Minimum space, maximum storage >>

Maximize storage space by using slim drawers between the washer and the dryer for storing detergent, stain sticks and other laundry items. When storing cleaning supplies, use a carryall to keep them both handy and organized. Do the same with laundry detergents to maximize space by placing them in uniform containers.