Reasons to build custom closets


It is maddening when one cannot find anything in their closet. With custom-built closets life become simpler with everything in a visible place. Getting ready becomes easier.


Busy people need organization to simplify their lives — that is no longer a luxury but indeed a necessity. Years ago, custom closets were a luxury that only the wealthy could splurge in. The closet industry has made it possible for everyone to afford them today. Instead of solid woods we offer a variety of wood-like melamine which reduces the price in half.

Importance to home buyers/sellers

New buyers have come to expect a built-in master closet when shopping for a new home. For that matter smart sellers often decide to build one to appeal to those prospective buyers which gives them an upper hand in the real estate market.

Added value to the property

We know that adding a custom closet will help you sell your house so go ahead and add it from the start and enjoy its benefit while you live there. It’s not just the kitchens and bathrooms that are eye openers anymore, the closets have become just as important.

Family affair

It’s not just the lady of the house who enjoys her custom closet, her husband and children get into the act. In all the years I have designed closets I am fascinated at watching kids tell me what they want in their closet. They, too, love the organization a built-in closet provides. A well designed closet provides for a good start of the day. Once your closet is well designed it is then easy to keep it organized. A good laminate closet system is more than just shelves and hanging bars. The system allows for the placement of closet accessories which are available mainly to closet designers. It is not enough to just look around the existing closet before coming up with a design, it is important to discuss the needs of the homeowner in order to achieve the ultimate design for that homeowner.